Car Dashboard and Leather Polish Cream

Autoblizz dashboard cream is formulated to protect car plastics, vinyl and rubber surfaces from UV rays, fading and cracking. This non greasy formula leaves the car interior with a like new finish.
The formula will restore scratched, dull. Fades and cracking bumpers, trim, vinyl, plastics on your vehicle. By applying the dashboard cream protectant, you can prevent premature wear and fading caused by UV rays. When used as leather polish, it prevents leather seats from cracking, fading and discoloration which are the tree major culprits responsible for spoiling original leather seats.
The polish cream maintains a supple fresh texture of interior components without attracting any dust. It doesn’t leave any residue. infused with a rich fragrance to cater for a pleasant aroma.

How to use

  • Apply and wipe with a soft and non-fluffy cloth or sponge or apply the polish directly on the dashboard or leather seat surface.
  • Rub the polish using a microfiber cloth on the circular motion to get good shine

Available Sizes

  • 200mls
  • 500mls