Car Tyre Shine Cream

Over time your vehicle’s tire start to fade and wear out as they are increasingly exposed to the environmental elements and road debris. Tires withstand a lot of abuse and can sustain scuff marks and small cracks which ages them and frankly makes your vehicle less attractive.
Autoblizz car tire shine cream is a silicon and glycerin-based dressing and conditioner that produces a long-lasting high gloss shine on the plastic trim, rubber and vinyl.

How to use

  • Clean any exterior plastic trim and rubber tires with a car wash shampoo.
  • Remove any dirt, grease or grime that could block fresh dressing from working deep onto the surface. Allow time to dry.
  • Shake the tire polish and Spray on a foam applicator pad or detailing brush.
  • Work tire polish directly onto the exterior plastic, rubber and vinyl.
  • Wait 10 minutes before applying additional coats if needed.
  • Remove excess with a clean microfiber cloth.

Available Sizes

  • 500MLS
  • 1 LITRE
  • 5 LITRES